We searched high and low for an organic mushroom supplier, and we finally found them. They were worth the wait. Grown in NSW, you won’t find a tastier product. These guys pride themselves on growing exotic varieties, focussing on nutrition as much as flavour. They use the traditional log growing process, rather than soil and manure, which has been used by the Japanese for hundreds of years. It’s a very involved process, which includes harvesting the logs, drying the bark, waxing and soaking them, among other stages. The shitake’s love it.

The nutritional benefits of shiitake mushrooms

Where to start? Shiitake mushrooms are believed to be the healthiest food in the world by many people. The list could go on for days, so we’ll summarise some of the key benefits for you. These little guys are widely known for their immune system support, fighting off disease and infection. They can help with cardiovascular health, boost energy and brain function and aid with skin health. They’re packed with vitamin B & D, as well as iron (and a whole bunch of other goodies).


Along with being organic, having sustainably sourced chicken livers was non negotiable from the get go. All our livers come from chickens that are already being used for meat, hence no waste!

Our livers come from a farm in Queensland dedicated to working with nature, not against it. Chicks are placed on a balanced diet, in clean housing and are free to roam as they please during the day.

The nutritional benefits of livers

Chicken livers are one of the most nutrient dense foods you can feed your body. Packed with protein, iron, vitamins A, B and B12, riboflavin, folic acid, copper… the list goes on.


Our bacon supplier is as sustainable as sustainable gets. Their holistic approach to farming results in beautiful pigs that are both ethically bred, and help give back to the earth. As the pigs go about their business, digging up roots and bulbs, they regenerate the soil. With quality soil comes quality produce. Veggies, plants and other animals thrive. These little piggies are happy, healthy and free of any stress, GMO’s and hormones.